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Truro Cathedral

Although I didn’t have the chance to go inside Truro Cathedral, I was quite impressed by looking at it from the outside and reading about its history. It’s undeniably beautiful and adds a very nice feel to the already charming little (and only) city of Cornwall, Truro.

Having our cups of coffees and throwing some guesses about the age of this cathedral and then finding the truth surprised me and my friends. Although the building looks ancient, it was actually built in 1887. The pub that we were having our coffees was at least 300 years older than this cathedral. But does this mean that it’s not significant? Of course not. Actually this is one of the few cathedrals in Cornwall and one of three cathedrals in the UK with three spires. It was also the first to be built on a new site in England since Salisbury Cathedral (1220). Built in Gothic revival style, this cathedral is now under heavy restoration and is trying to raise money for the big renewal of the main spire.

If you have time to spend in Truro I feel like this is a must, but it’s probably not significant enough to go out of your way especially for this cathedral.